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Jinan Xinjing Flocking Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in flocking equipment manufacturing and flocking technology research and development for 30 years. At present, it is the world's largest flocking equipment and flocking technology R&D and manufacturing base. There are more than 120 kinds of automatic flocking equipment, flocking equipment with more than 7,500 kinds of products, flocking products you can't think of, no flocking equipment we have not done. In the world of flocking industry, we chose new essence and chose success. The company has the ability to develop and research high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights. The DZ-140∨ series of electrostatic flocking machines and flocking equipment production lines independently developed and produced by the company have won two patents and won the tenth “Double New Gold Award” of the Patent Office. It is the first batch of high-tech recognized in Shandong Province. enterprise. The products are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

After years of flocking process development and practice, with 20 years of experience in flocking process production, we have developed and produced all kinds of automatic three-dimensional flat flocking equipment. One hundred and twenty electrostatic flocking machines (automatic flocking equipment), three-dimensional and Flat automatic flocking line. Research and development of various special flocking equipment, production of fluff adhesives and flocking technology. The company implements the "quality, quality" business purposes, and has repeatedly won the "contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise", "consumer trustworthy unit" and other honorary titles.

The company's customers all over the world, the market continues to expand, flocking machines exported to Hungary, Sweden, India, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Sweden, the United States, Brazil, etc. 30 Multiple.



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